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An elegant clutch bag to complete the evening look

Cross and delight of all women, expression of their personality and container of whole worlds, the bag is one of the most important accessories of the female wardrobe. In particular, the small and elegant handbag is the best friend of every evening look. Simple and minimal or decorated with embroidery, sequins, crystals and applications, it is a real jewel to hold in your hands. Its small size makes it almost a casket, in which a woman can hide her beauty secrets for the evening. Not by chance, already in the nineteenth century, the ladies of high society brought with them small bags of silk where they kept the perfume, the handkerchief and a kit of needle and thread. So, even today, these mini-size bags hide the secrets of femininity and give a touch of light and elegance to the dress worn.

Clutches, pouch bags and shoulder bags: what are the differences?

Closed, usually by a zip or a clip, this small-sized bag is worn by holding it in your hand or by tightening the ring at its end or, again, by shoulder through a thin shoulder strap. The different models of handbags that from season to season go up on the podium of accessories are varied and satisfy all female tastes. For example, the clutches are very small and have a rigid structure, the envelope bags have the characteristic shape of an envelope closed by a clip, while the simplest ones are rectangular. Of all the colors and materials possible, they are often covered with precious or humorous applications to shine in the night. Refined and chic, this is the perfect bag model to combine with an elegant evening dress, but also a more casual look, to keep up with the latest trends.

How to choose the bag to match the dress?

- Clutches are without doubt the most chic and contemporary models, to be reserved for formal or particularly elegant evenings, such as weddings, gala dinners and parties of all kinds

- The envelope bags, or envelope bags, are a simpler model to wear even in an informal evening, even on jeans and embroidered tops. You can use them without worries even in the daytime

- A simple and classic black bag is always perfect in every situation. Pass-partout of the female wardrobe, will save the look on many occasions

- The pastel colors are suitable for a bon ton style, while the brighter ones enhance a rock and eccentric look

- For women who love to dare and to be noticed, an unusual, fun and colorful microbag, to be combined in contrast with the dress, is the right choice

- The dimensions: even if reduced, these micro bags comfortably contain the smartphone, a lipstick and little else. They remain so very light allowing you to enjoy the evening in complete freedom

- Handles and shoulder straps: normally the handbags, and especially the clutches, have one or more rings in which to insert the fingers or the wrist to keep them elegantly in hand, but also a thin chain or a leather shoulder strap to carry them on the shoulder

- As far as style is concerned, a purse more essential and free of applications will be easier to combine while, if rich in decorations, it will give character even to the most basic dress
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