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The triangle - an instrument for children and adults

A triangle is a high quality musical instrument. It may look a bit unspectacular at first glance, but it has a very bright and penetrating tone. Thus, it occupies a special position among the percussion instruments in a classical orchestra. That's why Georg Kreisler dedicated a whole song to the little metal hanger. If you want to buy a triangle for your child as part of the musical early education, you will find here all the important information on what to look for when buying. Also for the purchase of a professional instrument, there are some special features to note.

Can you play different sounds with a triangle?

That is actually possible. If you see a triangle for the first time, you generally assume that you can only play a single tone on it. But the pitch changes, depending on where exactly you hit the metal bar. The strength and texture of the club make a difference as well as the energy with which the player touches the metal. For this reason, the triangle is a fascinating tool for both children and adults.

How do you find the right triangle for your child or for yourself?

- Make sure that the instrument has the largest possible handle for a child, which is firmly mounted. A thin loop, as they have conventional adult instruments, does not belong in children's hands.

- The open end of the triangle should be ground round so that your child can not hurt himself. The same applies to the metal rod for striking.

- A small and therefore not too heavy instrument will give your child much pleasure. In the rhythmic-musical early education, triangles are used to introduce even very young children to music making. Let your offspring playfully explore the instrument. It's about awakening the curiosity and musicality of the child and less about "special" technical skills.

- Your child should be at least three years old before buying a triangle. Small children are at risk of injuring themselves on individual parts or swallowing rubberized end pieces.

- Triangles for adults are made from a variety of materials: from simple metal with a variety of alloys to hand-forged bronze instruments, everything is on offer. Here it depends on the desired use. Do you need a high-quality instrument that can stand up to other sounds in an orchestra? Then the purchase of a massive bronze triangle can be useful, which can even play deep basic tones and makes various nuances possible. If the triangle is needed to complement a drum set, then you should look for an instrument that produces a distinctive sound in a single beat. Here a triangle of silver steel or even a whole set can have a big impact,

- The size dimensions of the metal triangle for professional use vary. As a rule, they are made with a side length between 14 and 30 cm. The diameter of the metal rod is between 7 and 16 mm. The more mass, the louder the sound. So if you want to play in the ensemble or basically produce a powerful sound, it is advisable to acquire a large and stable instrument with a thicker tube diameter. However, even smaller triangles are of considerable significance. This is due to the overtone-rich vibration that produces a silvery-bright tone.