Scented Oil Diffusers

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Life is reduced to smells: the smell of coffee made fresh in the morning, the smell of freshly cut grass, or the smell left by the fabric softener impregnated on the towels and sheets. Each home has its particular smell, that which floods the environment and makes those who live in it feel comfortable at home. For fans of a particular smell, or for those who like to have their house always smell the same, a good option is the aroma diffusers.

What types of perfuming oil diffusers can we find?

There are two classes: those that use water and those that do not. Those that mix essential oils with water, or also called humidifiers, disperse the aroma by the environment in small particles and work with ultrasound. Likewise, those that do not use water work by compression and diffuse the pure essential oils, without previously diluting them in water.

Benefits of perfumed oil diffusers

Aromatherapy is an ancestral treatment that Western culture has inherited from the countries of the East. The most common is to apply the oils by inhalation through a diffuser of aromas, although aromatherapy can also be done by means of massages, relaxing baths or poultices. Depending on the essential oil used, the treatment focuses on one pain or another, although in general terms it can be said that aromatherapy is indicated to treat imbalances of the immune system, especially infections and diseases of the respiratory tract, to alleviate system alterations. nervous as anxiety, depression or tachycardia, and as a remedy for dermatological diseases, including psoriasis or eczema. In addition, aromatherapy can reduce stress, insomnia and delay the aging of cells for their antioxidant properties.