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PS4: the most powerful and sophisticated video game console of the moment

The PS4 arrived in 2013 to give a blow on the table and assume a real revolution in the world of video games and video games. In fact, the fourth edition of the emblematic PlayStation has a capacity never before seen in a device of these characteristics. In addition, Sony, the brand that is behind the project, strives to publish updates constantly in order to get the most out of your hardware. The result? Fantastic graphics and game capabilities both online and offline that ensure thousands of hours of fun for your users.

Which PS4 is better? What does the PS4 include?

At this time, there are three different versions available in the market. You should know, in this sense, that all of them offer similar features and that they are capable of reproducing any videogame published for this platform. However, they present peculiarities. In this sense, the oldest model, which was the first to be launched on the market, is the most robust and heavy of all. The second, which is called PS4 Slim, is much lighter and its size is much smaller. In addition, it is compatible with HDR technology and is capable of playing content in 4K UHD format, although not video games. And is that currently, the only one that can play video games under this standard is the PS4 Pro, the latest version of all.

The basic models of PS4, regardless of whether it is the first version of the Slim or the Pro, include inside the box the own console and a wireless controller. However, it is common that there are promotions that, for the same price or a similar one, contain additional elements. For example, it will not cost you to find editions with two commands to play or with one or more specific video games. In these cases, most of them are not presented in physical format, but must be downloaded from the Internet by simply entering an official code.

How to choose a PS4?

- Think if you will play alone or in company. In case you are going to share your PS4, it is best that you buy it with an additional command so that, in this way, you can play games between you at any time.

- Do you have a TV compatible with 4K UHD format or with HDR technology? Although you opt for the Slim or Pro version, if you do not have a TV capable of reproducing images in that standard or optimized with this technology, you will not appreciate the improvement in the quality they provide. Put another way: you can save money by betting on an older version if you do not have in mind to buy another TV.

- Find a pack with video games that you like. In general, buying a promotion that contains the console and a video game is cheaper than buying both elements separately. Take advantage of the offers based on the titles that appeal to you most.

- Keep in mind the space. Both the first version and the Pro are relatively voluminous, so they require a sufficient space to place them. In addition, you must take into account that you must leave room for your fans to cool the hardware, so they can not be in closed places or with other electronic devices.