Welcome to High Quality Store Playhouses Collection

One of the most desired games by children all over the planet is the little house, the den-shelter where magic and fantasy reign. They are compact, light, without edges or impediments to allow children to play, have a snack and a homework or, perhaps, enjoy a nice nap. The cute little houses attract as little boys and girls as they are colored like candy, they have practical little doors and windows and can contain their treasures.

Where to place the children's houses?

The assortment offers models of various sizes so that it is easy to place them in the bedroom, in the living room and, in summer, on the terrace. There are inflatable rubber houses and the original recycled cardboard models that take up little space but are not waterproof. If you have a garden or a courtyard, then you can mount the outdoor children's houses that are more spacious, have different accessories and can also accommodate mum or dad for a fun 360 °.

How to choose children's houses?

- Based on the safety criteria provided by the manufacturer

- Each model must be washable and, if necessary, periodically sanitized with natural products, apart, of course, the types in paper / cardboard to decorate

- If the child is younger than 3 years, the houses with large openings allow constant control by parents or grandparents

- Farm, cottage or white house of cardboard coloring with tempera? Try to guess the tastes of your children for a wonderful surprise.