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Quick and easy cooking with a microwave

The microwave, that discreet element present today in almost all kitchens, reinvented the way of preparing food to consume. Many use it, mainly, to heat meals and drinks, and even then their presence is vital. If you are going to prepare breakfast or popcorn or thaw your dinner, would you be so extravagant as to avoid the microwave? The origin of this prodigious invention was chance, and occurred in 1946 in Massachusetts, while the engineer Percy Spencer of Raytheon Corporation worked with a magnetron, or generator of high frequency waves, to perfect a radar.

A bar of melted chocolate was the sweet element that aroused a brilliant idea. Today's gadgets are infinitely superior, aesthetically and technologically, to the first microwaves, and allow you to enjoy one of the most useful and present tools in contemporary life, both on the countertop or on a specific shelf and subject to the wall, with efficient supports. They form a great team with induction or glass-ceramic plates, fryers, pancakes, grills, good quality kitchen utensils and all the electronic gadgets that accompany you every day.

How does a microwave work?

It is easy to understand how a microwave works if you consider that matter is made up of atoms, organized into molecules. The temperature of matter is a consequence of the speed with which its molecules are stirred; at higher speed, higher temperature. If you want to heat a substance, then what you should do is increase the speed of movement of its molecules, and there, triumphantly, the microwave appears, to lend a hand with that operation.

Traditional ovens apply heat from outside to inside food. A microwave produces the heat inside the food, and expands it to the outside, by means of the waves produced by the magnetron and bounced in all directions by the metal walls without edges of the interior of the oven. And so the miracle of heat happens. If you must not put metallic elements into the microwave, it is because they have edges that can cause an electric current, sparks and even a fire.

How to choose a microwave?

- If you want to have a microwave only to heat and thaw food, look for yours among the basic range, which is the most economical, but also gives you safety and efficiency. Do not ask for elaborate dishes, but you can with some cooked potatoes. As an interesting fact, remember that you need two minutes of microwaves per medium potato.

- In the event that you want to buy a more functional appliance, bet on microwaves with a grill, capable of defrosting and cooking a dish in the same operation, as well as grating very well. They can even roast and brown various dishes, such as a chicken, a pork tenderloin or a sponge cake. The most recent versions give you multiple possibilities.

- For reasons of space in the kitchen, you may be interested in eliminating the conventional oven. In this case, consider purchasing a microwave with a combined grill, since this type of device allows you to take advantage of the benefits of both cooking modes, both with waves and with hot air. In this case, try not to think about investing a scarce budget.

- When choosing the device that will accompany your days and buy a microwave with decision, keep in mind that there are modern versions of convection, steam and crisp, new models that allow you to get dishes with a crunchy and appetizing finish, similar to a frying in oil.

- With respect to consumption and favoring sustainability, remember that microwaves with G rating are the least beneficial, and A +++ the most advantageous.
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