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Learn to skate with a brand new longboard

If you want to get on a skateboard for the first time to discover this fun and exciting hobby, longboards are often easier for beginners to handle. As the name implies, longboards are longer than classic skateboards and perfect for learning the basics of street skating. Bigger and softer wheels make for a smoother ride to learn how to steer before you carve, slide or try other tricks on your favorite skater. If you want to try these tricks or if you want to use a skateboard as an urban means of transport, it is time to go into longboards.

Flex decks for skating anywhere in the city

There are many different types of longboard decks for different types of skating, so be sure to choose the right one. A flex deck, a deck with a flexible center, is perfect for driving in the city. The board bounces heavily and absorbs so many bumps from uneven sidewalks and roads. Flex Deck Longboards have lower profiles, giving beginners a bit more control. The profile also helps with impressive tricks like your first 360. Flex decks lower your center of gravity, making pushing and balancing easier.

Kicktails for optimal control

Cruiser decks are usually medium in length, which makes driving on busy sidewalks easier. Medium-length boards are usually the most popular, especially for inexperienced drivers. A medium-length board is between 80 and 106 cm long. A kicktail, a slightly raised rear end of a cruiser longboard deck, gives you the ultimate control over fast turns and heavy braking. Longboards without kicktail are a better choice for beginners, as you will not try daredevil twists right at the beginning.

Drop throughs for better stability over long distances

Top Mount Commuter - Longboards are mounted directly below the deck, like the classic skateboard. Top mounts are faster, so it is recommended to choose a drop-through deck at the beginning. A drop-through deck has a hole at each end of the deck through which the axle is mounted. This gives the longboard a lower center of gravity, like a flex board, which makes them more stable and easier to move over long distances. Drop throughs are also more suitable for beginners in downhill, because they need less control than a top mount. If you have more safety on the board, you can unscrew the axle at any time and screw it back underneath the board, making it a drop through.

Great selection of design, colors, materials and accessories

When it comes to design and color, you'll easily find the longboard that reflects your personality and style. Most brands give you the ability to customize your board when ordering. There are even boards made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo. Many longboards come with axles and wheels so you can get started right after delivery. Alternatively, you can buy decks, axles and wheels separately to match the bearings and rollers to your weight, size and skill. In general, the faster you want to drive, the stiffer the board has to be. Stiff material is more stable at high speeds, so it's time to buy a longboard with a solid, stiff deck as you start to scale mountains.

Longboards are fun and an easy way to gain cruising experience on the streets. Even advanced users get their money's worth on these increasingly popular boards. In this collection is a wide selection of complete boards as well as the components you need to build your own board.
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