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There is a little grandmother's trick to walk without risking slipping and falling on an icy or snowy sidewalk: some will remember, nothing like putting on a pair of large woolen socks over her shoes to keep the balance and adhere to the soil surface. But for mountaineers, the sock will not be enough: invented probably since ancient times, snow and ice crampons have been used by mountaineers since the end of the 19th century in the form we know them today. .

Crampons reserved for mountaineers?

The mountaineer snow and ice crampon is an essential equipment to progress in high mountains and is chosen to meet certain objectives. Its fastening system must first be adapted to the shoes used: the straps are ideal for shoes without overflow, automatic models for those with an overhang at the front and rear, and models semi-automatic for the shoes with rear overhang. The greater the number of spikes, the more technical, but versatile, the crampon. Classic and non-notched tips will suffice if the passage of ice cascades or steep chutes is not in the program. The plastic "antibott" system on the crampons prevents the snow from accumulating, which means that the tips hang less.

The crampon is not, however, an equipment reserved for the high mountains. It is a very practical accessory for hiking shoes, and in case of bad weather in winter. Inspired by "crabs" in steel or aluminum mountaineers, lighter crampons, usually plastic and universal, adapt to hiking shoes, or even city shoes, in case of snow or ice. These anti-slip models are especially recommended for the elderly in winter or in case of rain.

How to choose your snow and ice crampons?

- Choose non-slip soles, which will be a lighter and more suitable alternative for your street shoes to avoid any risk of slipping in winter on wet or icy ground. Attach a heel or a forefoot and heel assembly directly to the sole of your shoes using glue or suitable tips.

- If you want to use them in town for winter weather conditions, opt for flexible crampons adapted to different sizes and shapes of shoes (hiking, sports, casual).

- Choose your snow and ice crampons according to your activity: the models dedicated to treck and low slope hikes are ideally not rigid and articulated to allow walking in soft shoes. They have 10 points. For steep alpine routes, use semi-rigid and versatile crampons. This type of model is usually equipped with 12 crampons. Some versions for very steep tracks have sharp, solid tips on the front. The crampons for ice climbing are rigid with very gripping and developed points, directed towards the front. They do not allow walking.
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