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Nobody likes to be cold in their own house. Although today most homes come equipped with heating, either individual or central, sometimes it is not enough. That's why portable radiators are available, which come in several models depending on the source they use to radiate heat.

What types of heating are there?

• Halogen heaters and radiators: This type is useful for heating a specific space in a specific period of time. The sensation they emit is similar to that of the sun's rays.

• Electric fireplaces: In addition to acting as heating, they also fulfill an important decorative function, since they are composed of fake wood or coal logs and an animation of flames and embers, created through a lighting system.

• Convectors: These collect cold air from the bottom, heat it with an electrical resistance and expel air, already hot, from the top of the same.

• Thermal emitters: It is a type of fixed heating that works with electricity. Due to its thermal conduction properties, they are usually made of aluminum. You can program and distribute the heat gradually.

• Heating panels: These models also work with energy, but are respectful with the environment and allow to save up to 50 percent on the electricity bill compared to other alternatives, such as braziers.

• Oil radiators: When working with the heat released by the oil, they keep the heat longer than models that only use heating elements, or a fan as a heating source.

• Fan heaters: These fans are ideal for heating small spaces. They have a coil through which electricity passes and heats the air to its contact.