Garden Cushions

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The outdoor cushions are complements that will provide comfort to your garden furniture, a very important aspect, since these are designed so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors with the arrival of good weather.

What outdoor cushion to buy?

When you go to buy a cushion for outdoor you should take into account the following elements:

• Resistance: it is a furniture that will be exposed to inclement weather, so you must ensure that the materials are strong, resistant to sun wear, anti mold and anti-bacteria, such as acrylic fabrics.

• Comfort: although they must be resistant, you must not forget that their main function is to provide comfort to your relaxation space.

• Type: there is a wide offer of cushions for exteriors, and not only for the variety of its shapes, designs and materials, but also for the type of furniture to which they are intended.

Types of cushions for outdoors

• Cushions for garden chairs: you can place them on the seat or on the backrest. They are designed to provide greater comfort against the hardness of the materials with which outdoor furniture, such as wicker or wood, are built.

• Cushions for sunbeds: you must take into account both the dimensions of the lounger, as well as the thickness of this cushion, as well as the hardness of the foam that fills it according to your preferences, since there are hard, medium hard and soft .

• Cushions for armchairs: for outdoor chairs you will find the largest variety of cushions, as there are both seat and backrest, as decoration.

• Pallet cushions: they are a variation of the previous one, specially designed for terraced armchairs made with reused pallets.