Football Goals

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Football cages are an essential part of outdoor leisure equipment. Ideal for young and old, they settle in your garden. What's more, their cost is reasonable.

What dimensions of football cage to choose?

If the dimensions of the actual football stands are 7.32 m by 2.44 m, know that the garden football cages offer reduced sizes adapted to your outdoor space, while ensuring an optimal gaming experience.

The proposed dimensions are generally between 1.5 m and 2.4 m in length. Privilege the smaller ones for a single game without a guardian. Choose the most important if they are intended for the dispute of matches in the rules of the art. Regarding the height, it is better to guarantee a good proportionality to improve the quality of play.

Which materials to choose?

Will your cages be fixed or removable? This essential choice will determine the materials used. Be aware, however, that all football cages are designed to withstand the weather.

Your fixed football cages are usually made of plastic, steel or aluminum, to guarantee an excellent lifetime. The foldable or removable football cages favor the ease of transport and storage. The inflatable cages are plastic and the removable cages can be plastic, fiberglass or tubular steel.

The chosen material will have an influence on price, strength and weight. It's up to you to determine the right balance between these three elements.
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