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You've probably heard the word "e-bike" before. They are the latest trend in cycling and are enjoying ever-increasing popularity. The electric bicycle is an electronic bicycle that runs without pedaling. But beware: the term "Pedelec" (Pedal Electric Cycle), which is often used synonymously, describes a slight modification of the e-bike.

What differences there are, how charging an electric bike works and what else to consider before buying, we have put together for you in this article.

Pedelec and e-bike: where is the difference?

The two terms are often used as synonyms, so many users do not understand the difference.

An e-bike, or electric bike, runs at the touch of a button without the use of pedals. The speed can be regulated by a handle. From a speed of six kilometers per hour they are subject to approval. The situation is different with pedelecs: The support from the electric motor only occurs when pedaling. If you stop pedaling, the engine goes out too. The driver can decide for himself, when and how much the engine should do. If the pure pedal support up to 25 km / h, Pedelecs are considered a normal bike and must not be allowed.

If you only want a bit of support when cycling, for example on mountainous routes, then pedelecs are the right choice. For a completely motorized bike, which is very popular especially with seniors, you should bet on an electric bicycle.

How and where do I charge my electric bike?

The trend towards electric vehicles is growing. However, many who are interested in buying an electric bicycle are still unsure how and where to recharge their bikes.

Electric bicycles have a rechargeable battery that varies in length depending on the frequency of use, load and speed. It should best be charged after each ride and not exhausted until exhaustion. This is done easily via a supplied battery charger. Many pubs, restaurants or beer gardens allow cyclists to recharge their batteries free of charge, especially on popular cycling routes. At gas stations, this is convenient by coin.

For even consumption and safe charging you should definitely rely on a high-quality battery and an original charger. Only in this way can longevity and pleasant driving be guaranteed.

In the near future you should be able to charge electric bikes at every street lamp. Also from public charging stations is the speech, which are equipped with several charging stations.

What do I have to consider when buying an electric bicycle?

When you buy an e-bike, ask yourself these three questions:

• Pedelec or electric bicycle?

You should think about whether you just want a little support or feel comfortable with the electric motor. In the latter case, the battery will need to be recharged more frequently, the former facilitates pedaling as needed.

• The motor drive

There is a general distinction between two types of drive: the hub motor and the mid-engine. The former can be mounted on the front or rear wheel, while the mid-engine is mounted on the bottom bracket, so that the driving force can be transmitted to the bicycle chain. Due to the mid-engine, the center of gravity is moved more centered and therefore more stable, but the chain also suffers more. The hub motor is easier to retrofit. Both motors support the pedaling performance.

• burden and use

Think carefully about how often and to what extent you want to use your e-bike or pedelec. Do you often go shopping with it and carry heavy shopping bags back, do bike rides and carry food with you, or do you just want to take a short trip every now and then? All this affects the battery performance and should be included in the selection.