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No matter how the weather is outside - with a first-class duvet it stays warm and cozy. The right bedding can also help you to a better night's sleep. If it is too warm or too cold, it can be distracting for sleep, leading to fatigue, tension, irritability and even insomnia. With a good duvet, the temperature remains comfortable throughout the night, even when it is particularly hot or cold. Features such as dense weave, quilted and fluffy fillings are specifically designed to create air cushions, providing a comfortable environment around your body. Pay attention to the heat output, materials and structure to find the right duvet for you. When buying a duvet, you should first look for the tog rating. This is a measure of the heat output of the duvet. A light summer blanket has a thermal power of 3 to 4.5 tog, while a heavy winter blanket has 10.5 to 13.5 tog. The tog rating system is used on both natural and synthetic fillings. The only exception are silk duvets, which are given in weight (g) per square meter.

Next, pay attention to the filler material. Blankets made of natural materials are filled with down, feathers or a mixture of the two. Down is considered a premium filling. They are lighter, softer, and fluffier than feathers, better able to create air pockets, and therefore have a higher tog rating, while weighing less. If you prefer a blanket that feels full, then feathers are the right choice. Blankets made of natural materials should be dry-cleaned instead of washed by machine or by hand.

Synthetic comforters are a must for allergy sufferers. High quality synthetic materials include hollow fibers, microfibers and silk. Synthetic fabrics offer very similar warmth and comfort properties to down and are often cheaper. However, they are not as durable as down - but easier to care for, since they are machine washable. Whichever comforter you choose, always use a duvet cover to cover.

Last but not least, you can choose between duvets, coffered ceilings and quilted beds. Duvets have cool spots, which is great for a light summer bedspread. Cassette quilting is the warmest option, it is the most common and prevents the filling from shifting. Checkered beds allow you to move the filling so you can decide where you want the most heat. Enjoy a good night's sleep with your new duvet.
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