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With fins for swimming, diving or snorkeling you can easily glide through the water. There are several types of swimming fins, including children and adults. Children's fins are available in similar shapes as for adults, but also as monofins in dolphin or mermaid form. Fins for adults usually make a distinction between plastic fins, jet fins and split fins. Each species is geared to a specific float level and offers different characteristics. Plastic fins are cheap, lightweight beginner fins. Jetfins for more experienced swimmers have rubber channels that help drain and accelerate the water. For professional use, Split Fins offer the highest efficiency, softer shocks and an even stronger drive than the other types.

Many swimming fins are only suitable for a specific use, such as swimming, freediving, scuba diving or snorkeling. Others are designed for different sports in different waters. Remember where you want to swim before deciding on the right foot part. Closed fins cover the feet and are ideal for warmer water, but they do not protect you from the cold or harsh surfaces when you come out of the water. Open fins have adjustable heel straps and provide enough space for protective booties when needed.

Whether for children or adults - the weight of the flippers is important. No matter what level of swimming - lightweight materials are better for swimming and traveling. Make sure that the lightweight material is still durable and durable.

The inside of the fins should be comfortable, especially if you are going to wear them for a long time. Many offer soft feet and thermoplastic rubber for comfort. Other models have foot parts that adapt to the feet or are suitable for allergy sufferers.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of water - with one of the many fin variants in this large collection for you and your child.