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Among the outdoor accessories that you cannot forgo, you certainly need to insert the deck chair, which allows you to spend relaxing moments lying comfortably in the open air and give the furnishings of gardens and terraces a touch of elegance.

Deck chair models

Many deckchair models are available: simple types covered with fabric or canvas or with a light structure; waterproof plastic models, which are ideal for the pool and also to be used in the sea on the bathroom; models in wood or wicker, with padded upholstery that is elegant and at the same time very comfortable. Among these also: rocking-chair loungers, which allow you to swing just like on sofas and chairs; wooden hammocks that are a unique piece of furniture for the garden and also very comfortable to take a nap in the open air.

There are also models of deckchairs that are sunbeds, are not equipped with armrests or other protrusions that can produce shade and are made of a backrest that favors the complete exposure of the body to sunlight.

Almost all the models have a reclining backrest which, by raising the armrests, allows you to easily choose between a number of positions; some types have an adjustable canopy which, when lowered, protects the face from the sun. Folding models of deck chairs are also on the market to be stored and taken out as needed. The beach chair is a particular model of a folding deck chair with a wide backrest but a very small seat, the backrest can be reclined up to a lying position. They are chairs designed to be used on the beach, on the grass or directly in the water.