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Heat different types of environments with a convector

Ensuring an adequate temperature in every room of the house or in spaces such as offices and business premises is important to feel at ease and to make everyone feel good. The convector is an alternative to traditional heating systems based on the use of radiators. This appliance increases the air temperature by exploiting the convection mechanism that ensures the exchange between the coldest in the room and the warm one produced by the heating system: the cold air is captured by the vents at the bottom of the convector and, once heated, naturally rises upwards and is fed into the room. Depending on the characteristics of the space to be heated and your needs, you can decide to install a floor model or a wall model.

Thermoconvector: what are the differences between water, electric and gas models?

Depending on the system used to heat the air, the choice is between a water, an electric and a gas convector. In the central area of ​​a water convector are inserted finned tubes inside which hot water or steam flows. In contact with the hot surface, the air temperature rises and flows outwards. If you want to increase the heating capacity of the convector, you can move towards the models that mount one or more fans that can speed up the heating process. An electric convector heat the air thanks to the action of electric resistances, while in gas systems the air is heated by a burner driven by the combustion of methane gas. Unlike electric and water systems, a gas convector requires an external air intake, which is usually used both as an air inlet and as a smoke outlet. The choice between these different options depends on the type and size of the environment in which the convector is to be inserted. For smaller rooms it is preferable to use an electric or gas model, while water systems are also suitable for large rooms. But a lot also depends on the size and power of the product. The presence of timers and temperature adjustment knobs allows you to better customize the use of the convector, adapting the amount of heat and the period of operation to your needs. The convector, if combined with a heat pump, can also be used to produce cold air. Regardless of the power system used, these heating tools are easy to clean and, with the exception of gas models that need to be checked regularly, they do not require special maintenance. It is usually sufficient to periodically clean the filters used to retain dust.

How to choose a convector?

- Evaluate the different types of food, with an eye to the most practical and efficient solutions

- Consider the dimensions of the room to be heated: the models with electric power are better suited for small environments, while the water models can heat even large spaces

- Check the power of the different models and make sure it is adequate compared to the size of the room to be heated

- Consider design and installation methods: you can choose between wall or floor models.
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