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Have you noticed that ground coffee loses its essence after a few days? The taste of coffee lies in its grain, and the secret to appreciate it in all its intensity is the coffee grinder. With a coffee grinder, you can prepare your drink right after grinding the beans, so the infusion will have a freshness, flavor and aroma far superior to the coffee you can buy already ground.

How does the coffee grinder work?

As the name implies, the coffee grinder is a domestic utensil used to grind coffee beans, which are then used to prepare the drink. The mechanism of a grinder varies depending on the model:

• Manual: They are usually cheaper. Lacking an engine, the user has to turn the handle to crush the grains.

• Electric: They get the same product as the previous one, but they have an engine and, therefore, a higher power.

What coffee grinder to buy?

Before buying a grinder, you have to take into account the tool that is used to crush the grains:

• With blades: This type of grinder is usually the most economical option. With a mechanism similar to that of conventional blenders, the apparatus has blades at the bottom of the container used to chop the coffee beans. This grinder can be used for drip coffee makers or the French press.

• The coffee grinder with pinions or grindstone: The main advantage of this model is that it crushes the grain evenly. This avoids problems of obstruction in certain coffee makers and allows us to choose the thickness of the milling. This model is ideal for espresso coffee machines.
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