Car Shock Absorbers

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The name shock absorber is very misleading. Because the corresponding car part does not absorb any shocks. Potholes and other bumps in the road are caught by springs and tires. The shock absorber, however, rather absorbs the movements of the spring and is therefore called among the professionals also vibration damper. This name has not been enforced yet but is more precise. It overtakes the same fate as the term of the screwdriver. Now back to the shock absorber. This, in cooperation with the spring, forms the link between the body and the suspension. By the way, he simply transforms the energy he catches. This works by moving the damper piston up and down in a cylinder filled with oil. By precisely defined valve passages, the movement is then slowed down so much that the vibration of the spring is already damped in the approach. Friction quickly converts the momentum of the spring into heat. This allows the shock absorber to heat up to 120 degrees.

Why are shock absorbers used?

Each vehicle has four shock absorbers, which are each installed on the wheels. If this were not the case, not only your safety, but also the ride comfort of your car would be significantly impaired. They effectively prevent too much or long ringing after road bumps. Incidentally, only the constant contact with the ground of the car is guaranteed. The shock absorbers are a wearing part and wear off naturally. The process is a stealthy one and should not be ignored. As soon as you recognize the first signs, you should therefore go to the workshop.

How do I recognize defective shock absorbers?

Since the shock absorber only creeps slowly, it may be that the signs are not recognized immediately. Especially when it comes to your own car, the slightest changes in driving behavior are easily compensated and the difference is not recognized at all. This equals the effect of seeing yourself in the mirror every day. The external appearance does not change very much in self-perception until friends point out something. For this reason, you should ask for a special test at each workshop visit. The pros there have the shock absorber quickly controlled and so can be continued with peace of mind. But here are a few quick tips on how to recognize the broken damper:

An indication of this is when you can hear a knock or rumble already at low speeds, which seems to come from the direction of the wheels. Should this be worse in potholes, then you can almost be sure. A change in driving behavior can also be a sign. If the car runs spongy in the curve or if it rebounds after a long time, then the shock absorber is most likely defective. By the way, if you look at it and see traces of oil on it, you should immediately start your journey to the workshop.

How do I replace the shock absorber?

If the shock absorber is actually broken, it must be changed immediately. Experienced car screwdrivers can certainly do this themselves, but it is not recommended. A conversion involves too many dangers and the part is too important for the safety to risk something. However, if you want to order the part yourself for cost reasons, then of course you can do that. Make sure that the shock absorbers are mounted in pairs per axle. Obtain the same model here, in order to guarantee the driving stability of the car.