Car Paint Care

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A professional paint care is more than a weekend make-up for the vehicle. In addition to the immediate visual effect, it will lastingly protect the body of the vehicle.

What sets waxes apart from polishes?

Polishes are the finish of a thorough cleaning. They also remove dirt from the unevenness that is not visible to the eye, thus ensuring a significant increase in gloss. Waxes coat the paint with a protective layer. The greatest protection offered by seals, as they connect to the paint surface. The transitions between the product groups are fluid.

How to choose the right paint care?

- In what condition is the paint? For heavily weathered and attacked paints, a product with a high proportion of abrasive substances is recommended. For damaged or scratched paints there is care with color pigments. They hide the scratches and protect against corrosion.

- How much strength and time do you want to invest in the paint care of your vehicle? Products that provide separate operations for cleaning, sealing and polishing are generally considered more effective. But more effective than shying away from this work is the actual use of a combo product.

- How long does the care effect last? For some products, the lotus effect works for up to eight months.

- How do you recognize a good seal? If small round water pearls appear on the paint in the wet, this indicates a good seal, whereas flat water pools mean that they are worse.

- At temperatures below 15 degrees, polymer-based agents can not cure.
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