Bathtub Pillows

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If you like to take a bath, use a bath cushions for more comfort. The pillows are available in a large selection. They support the head and neck, so you can take a comfortable posture. Bath cushions are particularly well suited for older people who have problems with their neck and therefore do not want to go in the tub. A bath cushions provide a comfortable support and is a perfect complement to non-slip bath insert.

Which bathtub pillow supports the neck very well?

Opt for a bath cushions with attached neck roll. This is located above the actual cushion, which ensures a good hold of the shoulders. The cushions are anatomically shaped and made of a solid material. So you achieve a relaxed sleeping comfort and support your body on the smooth tub very well.

How to choose the right bath cushions

- Are bathtub cushions universally suitable? Yes. Cushions for the bathtub are shaped so that they can be used in all types of tubs.

- How are bathtub cushions fixed? The attachment is made with suction cups, which are located on the back. Moisten these suction cups and press them onto the tub surface. The pillow will adhere very well.

- Can the pillows be cleaned easily? Yes. Remove the pillow from the bath after each bath and let it dry thoroughly. If necessary, you can wash the surface with a light detergent.