Bathroom Floor Cabinets

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Storage space is also an important aspect in the bathroom. Towels, cosmetics and other accessories want to be stowed safely and neatly. A popular piece of furniture is the bathroom cabinet, which is available in various designs. Especially in smaller bathrooms, a space-saving but effective solution can be found.

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

Bathroom cabinets are often found as a "furniture washstand". This refers to the unit of washbasin in which the faucets and the sink (s) are located and the associated base unit. This can be used as storage space. In addition, the water drain and all cables and lines are optimally covered by him. This ensures a clean and beautiful look.

Depending on the condition of the bathroom, the material of the cabinet should be adapted. For bathrooms without windows and without sufficient air circulation should be set to plastic coating. Even metal withstands the increased humidity effortlessly.

Before you buy a cabinet, you should also pay attention to the dimensions. Keep the space, the height of the sink, the placement of the siphon and the position of the water and power connections in mind.

Types of base cabinets

Depending on your own taste and style, the base cabinet can be adapted to the rest of the interior.

• They are available on wheels, standing firmly on the ground or even hanging. So again optical depth is generated and smaller bathrooms are enlarged.

• Who does not want to go on plastic or metal, has the choice of different types of wood. However, you should be really sure that the bathroom is well ventilated and the wood is not often wet. The wood should also be provided with a protective varnish.

• Bathroom cabinets are available with drawers, doors and in various subdivisions. Depending on the size of the bathroom and your own preferences, the storage space can be optimally selected.