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The living room is the central space of the house where many hours are spent, while reading a book, watching a movie or enjoying a dinner with family and friends. Therefore, it is one of the areas of the house in which a person has to feel comfortable and comfortable in any situation. Also, the armchair is one of the most used and colorful furniture in a room, and will be a key piece that will provide comfort and rest. So, merge comfort with the aesthetics of the rest of your room, should be your goal to acquire a new one.

How to choose an armchair for the living room?

• Color: Choose the color that you like the best and adapt to the rest of the furniture in your living room. Colors such as black, gray, white or beige never fail, but if you prefer an armchair that catches your attention when you enter the room, decide on the most striking colors.

• Size: Look closely at the measurements of your living room, make sure you know the place intended for your chair, and check that the measurements of it fit with your available space.

• Fabric: There are models made of different textures. Among the most popular are upholstered armchairs in leatherette, microfiber and velvet, among others.

• Other features: There are rocking armchairs with rocking chairs, or orthopedic armchairs that include a system capable of lifting the furniture to help the person stand up. We will also find massage chairs, which have different designs to make them an aesthetic element of the house.